One to Watch: Jacco Gardner, Dutch Son of Syd Barrett

Jacco Gardner by Nick Helderman

Jacco Gardner. Photo: Nick Helderman

Meet Jacco Gardner, 24, from the small city of Hoorn, forty kilometers north of Amsterdam. His debut album Cabinet of Curiosities was released in February and sounds like a forgotten Syd Barrett record. Which is a good thing, of course. In March, Gardner plans to take over the US with his psychedelic pop songs. And trust us, he will.

Jacco Gardner is everything at once: singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His songs are reminiscent of the late sixties, when pop music got a psychedelic boost from troubled geniuses like The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett. The latter and Curt Boettcher — who worked with psychedelic pop groups like The Millennium and Sagittarius — are important influences for Gardner.

Back in time

Cabinet of Curiosities is just that: a collection of weird, dreamy songs that nonetheless form a cohesive package. Each song, from the somewhat sinister tones of Clear the Air to the evocative melodies and lyrics of The Ballad of Little Jane, has the ability to take the listener back in time. Whether Jacco Gardner plays mellotron, organ, harpsichord or clarinet, he always knows which chords to strike to evoke the desired emotional response.



USA tour

The Netherlands has already fallen for Jacco Gardner’s lush pop tunes, but he is determined to take over the rest of Europe, as well as the United States. In March, he will embark on a USA tour that will take him from Brooklyn and Boston, via the prestigious SXSW showcase festival in Austin, Texas, to the Mercury Lounge in New York City. He and his band will play at least fifteen shows overseas and then continue touring in Europe. These are the confirmed dates so far. Be there or be square.

BE | 21/02 | Madame Moustache, Brussel
FR | 22/02 | La Mécanique Ondulatoire, Paris
NL | 23/02 | De Klos, Emmeloord


US | 01/03 | Wesleyan University, Middeltown CT
US | 02/03 | Death By Audio, Brooklyn NY
US | 03/03 | Middle East, Boston MA
US | 06/03 | Golden West, Baltimore MD
US | 07/03 | The Pinhook, Durham NC
US | 08/03 | Savannah Stopover Festival, Savannah GA
US | 09/03 | Green Room, Athens GA
US | 10/03 | The Earl, Atlanta GA
US | 12-17/03 | SXSW, Austin TX
US | 18/03 | The Bishop, Bloomington IN
US | 19/03 | Empty Bottle, Chicago IL
US | 20/03 | Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH
US | 21/03 | Garden Bowl, Detroit IL
US | 22/03 | Happy Dog, Cleveland OH
US | 23/03 | Mercury Lounge, New York NY

BE | 29/03 | De Kreun, Kortrijk
GB | 31/03 | Le Beat Béspoke, London
DE | 04/04 | Haldern Pop Bar, Haldern
NL | 05/04 | Metropool, Hengelo
NL | 06/04 | Rotown, Rotterdam (Motel Mozaique)
NL | 05/05 | Bevrijdingsfestival Gelderland, Wageningen
NL | 09/05 | Dauwpop, Hellendoorn
NL | 09/05 | Luxor Live, Arnhem
NL | 10/05 | Effenaar Kleine Zaal, Eindhoven
NL | 11/05 | Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht
GB | 16/05 | The Great Escape, Brighton

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