Isle of Holland is an online magazine about the Netherlands, Dutch people and Dutch phenomena. It features the best articles — both short and long, original or translated — about a wide variety of subjects. Within a matter of minutes, you can come across an interview with rock and roll heroes Golden Earring, an article about the expat lifestyle in Amsterdam and a collection of Johan Cruyff quotes that will make you laugh out loud.

Besides reading interesting and amusing articles, Isle of Holland wants you, whether you’re a traveler, expat or native, to go and explore the Netherlands. So we write about events in all shapes and sizes that without a doubt will make your stay in our tiny nation worthwhile. Note to travelers: for your convenience Isle of Holland made a selection of hotels and travel guides to consider.

To introduce Isle of Holland we thought it would be nice and useful to make a short video. So on a splendid sunny day in October 2012, we zigzagged through Amsterdam and beyond with a camera on our shoulder. Filmed and edited by Lisette Spiegeler, the video merely scratches the surface of what Isle of Holland is about, but you’ll get the drift. Funny comments about the dangers of staring into the sun and the supposed awesomeness of tulips and windmills are more than welcome.

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